Friday, December 4, 2009

Up we go...

Until this week he has never pulled up. I guess I should say, I have never seen him pull up. Well, Sunday night we put him to bed just like always. Usually when he wakes up we hear him "talking" to himself on the monitor. We go in his room and he's usually laying on his back playing with his passy. Monday morning, instead of hearing his usual talking, we hear a horrible thud, followed by a scream. Michael ran into his room and found Gage laying on the floor :( We hadn't moved his mattress down yet because we didn't think we had any reason to. Gage tends to be pretty lazy and never took any initiative to try to pull up at all. Apparently he thought the middle of the night would be a good time to practice. As soon as his Daddy picked him up he instantly stopped crying and gave him the biggest grin ever! I assume he thought his "trick" was pretty funny...I didn't think so! It scared Michael and I to death! He is now pulling up on everything and loves to stand up! I guess he was waiting until his "tricks" were perfected before he showed them to us! As bad as I hate to say this, I have a feeling we are going to have many more years of things like this to come! Gage is a very mischievous little boy who is afraid of NOTHING, and I'm not sure he feels pain. If he does, I've never been able to tell. I suppose he has inherited his Daddys clumsiness and his Mommas pain tolerance. HA!
Just so you know, we have moved Gage's mattress down as far as it will go!

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Kristi said...

He is too cute in those pictures. He looks like he is slimming up, getting taller and more active, and losing those baby rolls. I can't believe old he looks, like a toddler. Oh Gage, your parents are in for it!!!! I miss him.