Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 days...

I'm not believing that I'm saying this, but Christmas is only one week away! I realized today that I hadn't taken any pictures of Gage in front of our Christmas tree. I knew if I waited until Christmas Day, all the presents would be gone and it wouldn't be near as pretty. You know, the sparkle just kinda goes away when all the gifts aren't the anymore :( I was at home by myself, and to be quite honest, I figured trying to take pictures by the tree would be a mess. Thankfully, our tree is behind the couch so Gage hasn't gone back there much. He wasn't too sure what to think at first, but it didn't take him long to get into things.Hopefully I haven't created a monster and he will stay out from behind the couch for one more week! Apparently he thought the bows tasted terrible...ha! I just love those little cheeks!Only 7 more days...I'm getting more excited by the second!!!

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Jennifer said...

Gage is so cute! And such a big boy! I seriously think he is taller than Brody!

I know y'all are going to have so much fun with him on Christmas! Isn't it so exciting??