Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our dresser came in!! got it! BABIES R US called today to let me know that the dresser/changing table had finally made it! I am absolutely thrilled! I called Michael and insisted that we MUST make a trip to Little Rock to pick it up tonight. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he agreed! We also made another stop by Hobby Lobby to get the little wicker baskets to go on the shelf. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find any that would work, and they fit perfectly! make the night even better, the baskets were on sale for 50% off!!! This is why I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!!! They always have good deals! We had every intention of coming home and having to assemble the whole thing, but to our surprise, it was already put together! What a good night!! The nursery is coming along really well now, so I'm sure it won't be long and it'll be all ready for Gage to make his appearance! I hope he loves it! Thanks for the dresser MeMe!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moving right along...

I made my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy the letters for Gage's wall and had planned on painting them sometime this weekend. Well...I couldn't wait! I wanted so badly to start on them, that I went to Wal-Mart at 9:00 last night to buy the paint! I have a bad problem with patience and when I want something...I WANT IT NOW!! So, I stayed up half the night trying to get them just perfect, and in my opinion, they turned out GREAT! Here they are! Tell me what you think!

Speaking of patience...the dresser still hasn't made its way to me. I'm not too happy about it, but I suppose it doesn't do any good to be mad, so I'm "patiently" waiting. I'm thinking maybe this is God's way of teaching my a lesson in life that I certainly need to work on before my little one gets here...ha!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's finally here!

It has only been a little over a week, but it seems like an eternity since we ordered Gage's bed and dresser! The bed came in today and we eventually got it put together. The dresser on the other hand, did not. Hopefully it will be in by the end of the week. We had a few minor problems out of the lovely folks at BABIES R US, but we managed to get things worked out. Here are a few pics of Baby Gage's new room! Tell me what you think!

This is MeMe and Pawpaw trying to put the crib together, but some of parts were missing...Imagine that! I had to make another trip to Little Rock to exchange one of the pieces before the crib could be finished!

Daddy trying to finish getting the crib together by himself...I don't think I was much help. I'm not too much of a handy man...ha!

Here I am trying to get the bedding just perfect for my little angel! I wouldn't want him to have to sleep in a messy bed!

This is a close up of the bedding! I just love it!

And this is the finished product! It turned out perfect and I am so happy with it! I can't wait until Gage gets here so I can spend lots more time in his sweet little room! By the way...Thanks Grams for the new crib!

I know this probably looks like a mess now, but I still have work to do. My aunt gave me the rocker, and I am going to paint it and recover the cushions. The little wicker stand has to be painted as well. Eventually I will have it all finished and post new pics!

21 Weeks! I haven't been doing very well on posting new preggo pics, but I am working on it! I am 21 weeks and 3 days now, and feeling better than ever! Gage has been kicking like crazy and I believe he gets the hiccups about 3 time a day...usually in the middle of the night! It is so funny how different things feel from week to week. I'm getting bigger by the minute, so apparently he is too! We still have 3 more weeks until our next ultrasound, but I am interested to see just how much he has grown!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halfway There!

Yay!!!! This week is my halfway mark of my pregnancy! I have been so blessed throughout the first 20 weeks, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next 20 go just as well. I have been feeling Baby Gage moving around quite a bit now, and I have to say, it is the neatest feeling ever. I had been telling Michael for a week or so every time I felt him kicking , and he could never feel anything, but he finally did the other night! I'm not sure, but I think he loved it!!

Mom and I went last Tuesday to register us at BABIES R US, and we had a lot of fun with it! I just never imagined there would be so many things I would need until I got there and started scanning things. I know there are probably lots of things that "Experienced Moms" could tell me that I need or don't need, so if any of you have any suggestions, that would be great! You always hear people saying "you need this" or "you don't need this", but for some reason I can never remember what they are when the time comes. I would LOVE any "new mom" advice I can get!!

Michael's Mom and Grandma went with me on Friday to BABIES R US to order our crib and dresser, and I can't wait to get them! Michael's Mom bought us the crib, and my Mom bought us the dresser. It means so much that our parents are being so much help to us! We are very blessed to have all of them! Gage is going to be so lucky to have such a huge family to love him! I will post pics as soon as we get everything put together...I can't wait!!

Last night we went to our annual Halloween Party that some friends of ours gets together, and it seemed to be bigger than ever. It is always a lot of fun to see all the costumes people put together, and sometimes I am in shock that they would actually wear them in public! I don't have many pictures of the costumes, but I did get a few of the family!

My Mom and I at the party!

Michael and belly is getting bigger by the minute!

This is Michael and I with my Stepbrother Steven, and his girlfriend Sissy! The guys NEVER keep their eyes open for pictures...UGH!!

I forgot to post a 19 week picture (I forgot to take one), but I will try to remember to take one this week and post it at some point. For now, maybe the Halloween pics will work! Talk to you soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gage's New Wardrobe!

Last week I wrote about going shopping for Gage, and I have just gotten around to hanging up all his little clothes! I didn't realize that I had already bought him so many things until I got them all hung up together! I wanted to share a few of the little outfits with our Blogger friends!!

This is a view of his clothes hanging in the closet...needless to say, he won't be going naked!!

This is one of my favorites! He will look just like Daddy in this one!!

If you know Michael, you know this will be perfect for Gage to wear! His Daddy is quite the charmer! ;)

After the ultrasound last Monday, my mom, grandma, and I went shopping for little boy clothes! My grandma found these little shoes for him (among lots of other things) and they are just precious! I can't wait for him to get here to meet his Nana and Papaw...he will love them!!

After lots of thought, I have decided on this bedding for Gage's nursery! I couldn't seem to make up my mind, so I went to BABIES R US to look around, and realized that the bedding was on sale for only $72, so I was SOLD...I couldn't believe it was so cheap! Meme(my mom) and I decided that it will be so cute with baby blue! I hope he enjoys his room as much as we are enjoying getting it decorated! We are going next Friday night to order the bed and changing table and I am so excited! I can't wait to see how things look once we are able to start getting it all together!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is my pleasure to introduce to you...


We have finally decided on his name! After lots of thought and the back and forth, "No, I don't like that", or "Yes, I do like that", we made up our minds. We aren't sure whether to call him Drew or Gage, but will decide that soon and let everyone know! Here he is!

Sound asleep on his back!

This is his leg!

This is his sweet little face!

And here, he is upside down kicking like crazy!

I know this isn't near as cute, but this is my 18 week preggo pic!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Can you believe it? We had the ultrasound yesterday and everything about him is perfect! I was completely shocked when the nurse told us the news, but I am excited! He was so active (compliments of the Coke and Chocolate Chip Cookie I ate before I went) and was kicking like crazy. I still have only actually felt him kick a few times, but it was obvious that he was yesterday. My Mom and Grandmother and Michael's Mom and Grandmother went with us, and we were all mesmerized!!! I just can't wait to meet him in real life...I just know he'll be precious, just like his Daddy!

I went to the mall today and bought him several new outfits, so he shouldn't ever have to go naked...ha!! I have to admit I went a little crazy.

Blogger won't let me post the pics, but when it does, I will definitely introduce everyone to our little Angel!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today is the Big Day!!

As many of you may know, we have scheduled an appointment at Babyviews today to find out what we are having! I am so excited about this appt, I can barely sit still today. I woke up about 100 times lastnight, looking at the clock to see if it was time to get up yet!HAHA!! I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas!

I have been feeling the baby kick just a little this week. I'm starting to think the little thing may just be a little lazy. Everyone has been asking me for weeks if I have felt anything yet, and it has just now started! It is really neat though!

I will let everyone know as soon as possible what we find out, but until then, keep us in your prayers!!!