Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nana's Boy...

I'm not too sure if I've ever told you before, but Gage has a soft spot in his heart for his Nana! Every time he is with her he spends the majority of his time belly laughing at her and with her! Last week my Mom took Nana and Papaw back to Texas for the rest of Papaw's Parkinson's surgery (he is much better by the way)! When they came back home, they stopped by our house to give Gage his gift. I have been wanting these boots for so long it isn't even funny! They are the cutest things and I think he likes them! Perhaps this is why he has that soft spot I was speaking of? I always take him to visit on Friday afternoons because I normally don't work a full day. I think this is one of his favorite times of the week! She lets him get away with EVERYTHING!!! He is also a pretty big fan of his Papaw! Before Papaw had his surgery, his hand shook constantly as a result of his Parkinson's disease. Gage watched his hands like it was the neatest thing he had ever seen. Now that his surgery is done, his shaking has stopped completely! For everyone except Gage, this is a wonderful thing! Photobucket

New things...

This week has been a pretty eventful one for us. We haven't had much "important" going on, just simply busy! If you'll remember a few posts ago, I asked about car seats. We finally broke down Thursday night and bought one. We ended up with the Evenflo Symphony and we really like it so far! I have been dreading the day that we retired "the bucket" because that would mean we would have to use high-chairs and shopping carts. I know, there shouldn't be a problem with that, but there is...Gage can't sit up! Well...guess what? We have a sitter...just in time!! On occasion he does fall, so he just makes the best of it! I walked out of the room the other day and walked back in to find this. He was playing in his toy basket. Forget the toys, I'll just play in the basket!!We went shopping with MeMe on Saturday and before we got there I was thinking, "I'm going to have to carry him throughout the entire store". We sat him in the buggy, strapped him in, and he was such a big boy! (sorry the picture is so blurry, I took it with my iPhone)Gage has another trick that doesn't make Mommy quite as happy. It is really cute when he's playing, but when he's asleep...not so cute! For some reason he feels the need to put his passy in his mouth backward and play with it. I guess he does this in his sleep too because he wakes me up at least once a night fussing. When I look in his crib, this is what I see!Over the past couple of days, he has learned how to hold his bottle too! He doesn't do it much. Why should he when I'll do it for him, right? MeMe bought him a new sippy cup and he seems to like it too! Gosh...he's getting to be such a big boy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An old time county fair...

This week was "Fair Week" in our town. For most families, the fair is a "treat", but for my family it is a week long event! Since I was a tiny baby my family has always been a big part of our County Fair. Most of them are on the fair board so they spend a lot of time preparing and getting things ready for the week. I have always loved this time of year and catch myself getting excited about it months in advance.

As you know, this was Gage's first fair! I think it was fun for him, but it will be better next year! We walked around through the rides several times. He normally isn't a fan of loud noises so I was afraid he would throw a fit...but he didn't! As a matter of fact, I think he liked it! Here he is watching the rides with MeMe. He couldn't take his eyes off them!

Rance was able to make it one night! Gage LOVES to ride on his wheelchair with him!

My cousin, Sunny, carries the American Flag during the opening ceremonies of the rodeo. She always does such a good job and looks so pretty!

The fair is over now, so it's back to normal life. Good-bye for now!


Bath time...

Gage loves his bathtime and has since his very first one. He can't sit up by himself yet, but he is getting so close. We decided since he would be able to sit up against the bath tub, we would let him splash around and play for a while before we got him out! HE LOVED IT!!! We got lots of pictures and they all turned out so cute! Here are a couple of my favorites! He played with the rubber duckies forever! When I wash his hair, I always let the water run down his face. We have done this since he was about a month old so that he isn't afraid of water in his face. It works! Every time it runs down his face, he hold his breath and laughs! It's one of the cutest things I've seen!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Can you believe Halloween is in less than 8 weeks? We went shopping yesterday and got Gage's costume! Hopefully the weather will be on the cool side for Hallween this year so he won't be too hot! What do you think? I can't wait to see him in it! I just LOVE the hair on the Lions head!!

BTW...this is my 4th post for the day, so make sure you read them all :)


5 Question Friday

Ok, so I realize it is now Sunday, but I found this on someone's blog today and I decided it would be fun! I love to get to know new bloggers, and it is always fun to read new stories! If you have time, please join us!

To join in on the fun...Copy and paste the questions to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code! You're ready to go!

September 4th Questions:

1. The clothing outfit you remember from childhood and why?
Ha! Now this is a funny one! I don't remember a whole lot about the clothes I wore, but I do know that looking back, I was not all that cute ;) To be quite honest, I think maybe I was a little dorky! But...weren't we all! I remember this one particular dress I had. It was fushia, and it had turquoise flowers on it. I always wore those HUGE poofy bangs with a tight, and I mean TIGHT ponytail. As you can imagine, I had huge cheeks, and huge teeth! Now don't you think that was probably a sight?

2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to work in an office...ugh! Now, I think I would cringe if I thought I had to sit behind a desk 8 hours a day. I'm way too high strung for that!

3. What is your must have for Fall?
I LOVE SWEATERS! I don't get to wear them a lot because of my job. There is nothing more miserable than having tiny little hairs stuck in your clothes! When you wear sweaters, the hairs are there for good!

4. If money were no object, how many kiddos would you really have?
Ummm. TWO! I'm pretty sure I still need my sanity no matter how much money I have. I mean, does that Duggar lady have any sense at all?

5. What is the best part of your birthing story (other than the beautiful child at the end)?
The best part for me was realizing how special I am to Michael and how special he is to me. I don't mean to brag, but he showed me over and over that day how special I am to him. I didn't eat for 48 hours before Gage was born...neither did he! I tried to get him to go to the cafeteria with the rest of my family, but he wouldn't. He said he wasn't going to eat until I could. didn't take him long after Gage was born to find him some food ;) I had a pretty rough labor, and he never one time stepped away from my side. He was my rock that day!

( P.S. The McLinky on this is closed, but it is fun anyway! )


Loving the weather...

The weather has been beautiful here so we have been taking advantage of it. We live in Arkansas so you never know what the weather will be like from week to week. Last weekend, we took Gage outside and made him a palate so he could play with his toys. HE LOVED IT! He played with the dogs for a while and played with his toys for a while. We were out there for several hours and he never got bored with it!

The sun was shining bright so he wore Daddy's hat for a while...

then he wore his own!

Aren't they cute?


6 Month Update

Why is it that I can't find time to blog anymore, so I have to play catch up every weekend? Maybe it's the 22 lb baby I have hanging on my hip? Yep, you heard right! We went to Gage's 6 month doctors appointment and he weighed almost 22 pounds (93%)and he was 29 inches long (98%)! I keep thinking when it is time for him to be weighed, he will be a normal size baby, but it never happens! I suppose that may be because his Daddy is rather large as well! That's ok with me though, they are awfully snuggly!!! Gage loves the wooden sticks Dr. Nolen gives him to play with!I think we may possibly have the best Pediatrician EVER! Every time we go, she plays with Gage for a few minutes, makes sure he's on track for his age, and tells us new things we can start doing. It is always exciting to see how Gage reacts to new things we give him to try! This time she told us to start giving him sippy cups, Puffs, and a new car seat.

A new car seat? Seriously? But...he's just a baby! HA!! He's just a baby that is about to out grow his "bucket" (that's what we call the infant carrier). So, now we are in the market for one of those! Any suggestions?

As far as the sippy cup goes...he's not too sure what to think about it, but it's fun to chew on! He will figure it all out soon enough! We aren't in any hurry!

We have tried Puffs and he likes them quite a bit, but he hasn't figured out how to get them in his own mouth yet! That will come with time too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yay for the HOGS!!

Michael has been out of town this weekend, so Gage and I relaxed. We spent most of the day today with my Mom and Grandparents calling the Hogs! Isn't this cute! He's learning early!! I'll be back tomorrow with lots of new updates and ready!!!