Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Month...

As hard as it is for me to believe, Emerson was ONE MONTH OLD yesterday! It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for her arrival! She is such a sweet baby! She loves to be cuddled and the closer you hold her, the more she likes it! She melts my heart over and over again!
Just like her brother, Emerson has terrible stomach issues. For the first couple weeks, we thought she had colic. She cried every night and there was nothing we could do to help her. When she was about 3 weeks old, the screaming got much better and we have all been able to sleep a little more. Although the sleeping has gotten better, it still isn't great. She just isn't a great sleeper. It takes her forever to fall asleep and she's very noisy. If she's awake, we know it. Hopefully this all gets better and we can get some much needed rest soon!
Emerson has been such a blessing in our lives! We can't imagine life without her!


Last Tuesday was a big day at our house! It was a day we had been preparing ourselves for. Gage started "Big Boy School"! Since he was only a few months old, he has gone to the same sitter. We love Mrs. Bridget, and for the most part, we never had a problem leaving Gage there. There were the typical, "I don't want you to leave me" moments, but they didn't happen very often.

I wasn't too sure how Gage would react to a new school, new people, new teachers, etc. I was a little worried to be honest. He is a friendly, and most of the time an easy kid, but he's had lots of changes take place lately. For weeks, we have prepared him for what was about to happen. We told him who all would be there (he knows several kids there already). We told him who his teacher would be. We did everything in our power to make the change ok.

On Tuesday morning we woke up, got our showers and got ready to leave. He knew this was the big day and surprisingly, he acted excited about it! We finally got all of us out of the house and headed to School. He asked several questions on the way there, I think maybe trying to grasp what was going on. When we pulled up at school, I looked in the mirror and the look in his eyes broke my heart. I could tell he was scared to death. I reassured all would be ok and we headed inside.

There were several kids there when we walked in, but only one that he actually knew. Thank goodness Avery was there! He pouted a bit, told us goodbye and we left. I held my composure in front of him, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two when I got back in the car. It was really such a bitter-sweet moment for me. It meant my little man was growing up ;(

I worried about him all day. I knew in the back of my mind he would love it, but I still worried. It broke my heart that I had dropped him off somewhere that he was scared of. What if he didn't make new friends? What if someone was mean to him? He didn't have Mrs. Bridget there to protect him!

When I picked him up that afternoon, he was sitting in the floor watching a movie with all the kids. He was right in the middle of them like he had known them his whole life! When he saw me, he ran to me and gave me the biggest hug he had ever given me. He had a huge smile on his face and I knew he loved it! I have never been so relieved in my life! He loved his new school, he made new friends and he referred to his teacher as "Aunt Tammy"! I think he liked her too ;)