Monday, February 16, 2009

Final Tour of the Nursery!

Mom and I finally finished Gage's nursery this weekend, and I just love it! It turned out so cute, and way better than I expected. As you can see, we have hung the picture frames, but can't put anything in them until the little man makes his arrival! Hopefully that won't be too much longer! Let me know what you think! ENJOY!!!!

I don't think the poor child is deprived of clothing...what do you think?

Finally Full Term!

As you can tell, I didn't get my wish for a Valentine's baby. I just knew I would be holding the little guy in my arms by now. I have still been having several contractions throughout the day, and by the time I get home, they are getting pretty frequent. Hopefully this will be my last week of work for a while so I can get some "much needed" rest. I never realized how hard it would be to stand on your feet and work 40 hours a week! The bags are packed and we are ready, so keep your fingers...and toes...crossed that Gage will be here soon!!

This is my 37 week picture! If you remember I had another one with this same shirt on just a few weeks ago, and it looks completely different. Gage has dropped and it is very obvious! I have started to swell pretty bad, so please excuse the puffiness ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Any day now...

Today I had my 36 week appt with Dr. T, and got more good news! In the past week I have dilated another cm, and have completely effaced!!! He says he expects me to go into labor just any day now, and that he will be completely surprised if I make it to the end of next week. He also told me that he will induce on February 27th if nothing has happened by then, but he doesn't expect to! This means we will be meeting our little Angel in about two weeks or less!!! Hopefully the full moon hangs in there and we have a Valentine baby! How sweet would that be?

I haven't taken any new preggo pictures lately, but I will try my hardest to do that before I "POP"! To be honest, I haven't dressed up enough for a picture in so long it isn't even funny. I have gotten to the point where I am so miserable, I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt everyday. I'll try to do better and get one posted though!

The Bachelor...week 6!

Well, not too much to say once again, except that my girl (Melissa) is still hanging in there! I just hope that her parents haven't ruined it for her. I was happy to see that he sent Naomi home. I'm pretty sure the burial of a dead bird would turn anyone away. If I were her, I would have strong words with my family for being so STRANGE!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things...

I always find it very interesting when I read those silly little quizzes about people, so I have decided to start one! They are going around Facebook like crazy and I just love to read them! Here are 25 random things about me!

1. When I was old enough to start dating, I decided that I would never marry unless I found someone who would treat me with the same respect as my Dad does, and I did! Michael is an absolute Angel!

2. Although I love my job, I can't imagine myself doing hair for the rest of my life. I have a strong desire to be a nurse and one day I will!

3. I always wanted to be a twin.

4. My absolute favorite thing to eat if fruit! Sometimes I eat it until I give myself a stomach ache...dumb!!!

5.My Mom is my very best friend...aside from my husband of course! I tell her EVERYTHING...even some things she probably doesn't care to hear!

6.When Gage is born, he will have 21 grandparents! How's that for a family tree!

7. I graduated from HS 7 years ago, and I am still friends with the majority of the people I was friends with then!

8. My best friend from the 1st grade until I moved in Junior High is going to be Gage's babysitter! I am so lucky to have her!!

9. My husband plays LOTS of softball and up until this year I wasn't a huge fan. I am looking so forward to it now!!!

10. I made a scrapbook of Michael and I from when we met until we got married and it took me over a year to finish. I'll probably never do another one!

11. I am my Dad's only child and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!!!

12. I organize my clothes in my closet according to color! This is one thing about me that drives Michael NUTS!

13. I keep my house very clean, but I never have all the clotes clean. I would rather spit shine the floors than wash clothes...sad huh?

14. I take a bath every night...without fail!

15. I always have on my lipstick...ALWAYS! If you see me without it, it has been a very bad day!

16. I am deathly afraid of mice!!!

17. Michael and I raised one litter of puppies, and I fell in love with every single one of them. This is when we decide we had better not try it again!

18. I am very much a family person, and I love nothing more than visiting with them for hours!

19. When I found out Gage was a boy, I was so upset about not having a girl. Now that I am prepared for him, I couldn't be happier about a little boy!!!

20. I love to play Blackjack, but hardly ever win. Why do I even play?

21. If Michael would allow me to, I would pick up every stray dog I see. This is why I have a 2 dog limit!

22. I never color my hair the same color twice! I love the change!

23. I work with my Mom everyday, and love every minute of it!

24. I am very close to most of my family. My cousins are some of my best friends!

25. I am 100% addicted to blogging!!!

Hope you enjoy! I tag Lindsey Kindy, Kristi Brown, and Leslie Warford!

Good News...

Today was my 35 week appt with Dr. Thibault and things went unexpectedly well. Not that they aren't always good visits, but today I got some great news. Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have thought that my due date was calculated wrong and I should be due in the middle of February (that would put me at 38 weeks instead of 35)! So, today I found out that I am 1cm dialated and 50% effaced!!! Maybe, just maybe, I was right! That means things are looking up for the Williams Family! I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have Gage's bags packed, and a list of things to pack in mine...just haven't packed it yet. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow night! I can't believe it is finally happening...Gage will be here soon!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor...week 5!

I suppose it is time for my weekly Bachelor post! My Dad came over tonight to cook dinner for us and he stayed to watch "our show". I never thought it would happen, but I think he really got into it. We were all 3 shocked to see that he sent Stephanie home, but it seemed to be what he felt was the best thing to do (although I really thought Jillian was headed home). All of the girls seem to really like him, but after this week, Melissa is still my favorite! I just love her! Hopefully his hometown dates go well next week, and Melissa's family doesn't cause her to lose her chance with him! Stay tuned...