Saturday, January 7, 2012

Here comes Santa Clause...

Just as I thought I was finished posting about Christmas, I realized I hadn't said anything about our experience with Santa! Back in the beginning of November, Michael and I took Gage to Branson for one last vacation before Emerson is born. While we were out shopping one evening we came across Santa and Mrs. Clause. They were set up in the cutest little house and I just knew Gage would go sit with them so that we could have a Santa picture for the year. He has never been afraid of him before, so I didn't figure this year would be any different. Typically, there isn't much he is afraid of.  Well...I was terribly wrong. He threw the biggest fit you have ever seen and WAS NOT going to sit in Santa's lap. I was heartbroken!

So, for the next 6 weeks, he talked about Santa every day. He talked about him coming to our house. He loved seeing him in peoples yards at night. He had a Santa figurine that he played with. We read books. Watched movies. You name it. So, every year his baby sitter has a party for the kids and Santa comes to visit. We talked about the party for several days hoping that we could get him good and warmed up to the fact that we would be seeing him in real life again and secretly hoping he would be fine with him. The day came and this is what happened...
Now, if you know Gage at all, you know that he LOVES peppermints! I mean LOVES them! Just so happened that when Santa came in the door, he started handing out candy canes and from that point on, he loved him! He climbed right up in his lap and talked with him for several minutes. I was thrilled to finally get a Santa picture for the year!

Before he left, Gage gave him hugs and thanked him for the candy!
Thank You, Santa! See you again next year!

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