Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas...Part 6

Another tradition I have had my entire life is going to my Dad's parents on Christmas Day. As a kid, my entire family (at the time there were 10-12 of us) would all sit around the living room and open gifts one at a time. It took several hours to open them all and was probably one of my favorite parts of the day. Now, we only do gifts for the kids and it just so happens that Gage is the only one. He is the center of attention, for sure!

My Aunt made him a new belt covered in cow hide that he has been begging her for! The only problem with it is, he doesn't want to take it off...ever! It's a fight every night to go to bed without it ;)
He got lots of new bucking bull toys too and my other Aunt bought him another back pack. It was exactly the same as the other one he got, but he acted as if someone had given him more gold. He has both of them filled with his things and he takes one with him everywhere he goes. Crazy kid!
The rest of the afternoon was spent in the floor playing with new toys and enjoying the last leg of our Christmas journey for the year!
I'm sure, if you aren't one of my family members, you are tired of reading about what we did on Christmas. Good news is, this is my last Christmas post until next year. As for the family, I hope I have showed you enough pictures to get by!

We had a wonderful Christmas and we are incredibly BLESSED! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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