Friday, January 22, 2010

Sickly Little Man...

Finally...I've found some time to relax...a little!

Wednesday afternoon, I got a phone call from Bridget (Gage's sitter) telling me that Gage had thrown up in the play room and he acted as if he wasn't feeling well. At the time, I had just made myself a sandwich and was sitting down at the computer desk to blog a little. Here I am, 4 days later, blogging a little. Ha!

Back to the story....So, I leave lunch sitting on the desk and rush off to pick up my sick little guy. There is nothing better than your Mommy when you are sick, so I knew I had to get there quick ;) When I got there, he was a little warm, but seemed to be feeling ok. I got home. Checked his temp. It was 100.3. To be honest, I didn't think much of the fever. He has been teething, so I figured it was nothing more than that. Now, the throwing up, I wasn't so sure about. As the day went on, I noticed him having a terrible cough that continued to sound worse. A runny nose that I couldn't seem to catch. And...he didn't have much appetite...NOT NORMAL FOR HIM!

We had a pretty rough night Wednesday night. He had a little fever, but not much more than 102 or so. Yes, Mom...he slept with us ;) We were both up most of the night flipping and flopping and trying to get Daddy on his side of the bed. By the time the alarm went off, we were both exhausted and able to sleep for an extra hour or so.

Mom and I had planned on having Sushi for lunch on Thursday. I called and cancelled the plans and instead she came over for a few hours so that I could rest. Thank Goodness for that! Only problem was, my jewelry order came in and I was entirely too excited about that to sleep.

By bedtime last night, he was feeling pretty rough. His fever had been at 102+ for a few hours and didn't seem to want to budge. He had thrown up a few times, but nothing major. I think the main problem was that the cough was choking him. We started giving him Tylenol and Motrin hoping the fever would go away. At 9:30 I woke him to give him some medicine, only to find that his temp was 104.5! OMG...I freaked! I called my Mom, the doctors office, and my friend Beth trying to figure out what the heck to do. We decided to keep an eye on the fever and take him in to see Dr. Nolen this morning. Once again...severe double ear infection, one antibiotic shot, five days of oral antibiotics, and one tired Mommy!
We gave him, yet another, lukewarm bath earlier and his fever has finally stayed down for the last couple of hours! Please pray that it stays that way!

Mom took off work early to be with us today! Once again...Thank Goodness for that! She is always so good and keeps me from panicking when I shouldn't be. Also, Gage LOVES for her to be here! His MeMe is pretty high up on his list ;)

And another thing, for MeMe...
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AROUND THE HOUSE AND WITH GAGE TODAY!!!! I will forever owe you for all you do for me!

Now then, I'm all caught up and headed to bed for a few hours. I figure after all the sleeping Little Man has done over the past couple of days, he surely won't want to sleep in on Saturday morning ;)


Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

aww, kiss my little boy for me! im ready to get him feeling better, i smell a play date in the near future!! miss you!

Kristi said...

Oh girl, bless your heart and poor little Gage's. We have been sick since Thursday as well. Actually I have been and the girls woke up sick today. We are all running 103 fever and throwing up, I have a major sore throat and an achy body. We are thinking the flu. Guess we will find out tomorrow. I hope little man gets feeling beter, and that you get some much needed rest.