Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 Month Update

Wow! It is so hard to believe I have been a Mommy for 3 months already. This has been the absolute best 3 months of my entire life! Gage is such a good baby, and I am so blessed to have him in my life!

For the past month or so, we have been seeing a little more personality every day. He wakes up in such a good mood in the mornings, so we usually lay in bed and play for a while before I get ready for work...but don't tell Daddy ;) He smiles constantly and loves to "talk"! I mean LOVES it! He's going to be just like me in that aspect, I'm sure. MeMe usually comes over every other day or so and she gets him going instantly! It is the cutest thing ever!! it is amazing to me how much he has changed already, and i know he is going to keep changing so much more. It makes me sad, but happy at the same time. Bittersweet I guess! He is so spoiled already, and I know it will only get worse from here. That's what babies are for though, right?

The past few afternoons when Michael gets home with him, he has been screaming for hours. I have no idea what is causing this, but it has got to stop. I have been putting a little cereal in his bottles at night for about 2 weeks now. I quit doing that thinking that may be the problem, but it hasn't gotten any better. He is usually such a good baby, so I know he's in pain to be crying so hard. I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing works. Does any one have any ideas, and has any one ever experienced this at 3 months old? I would think it is a little late for colic, but I'm not positive of that. Suggestions please!

We spent last weekend at the lake for Memorial Day. Gage did GREAT the entire weekend! I was so proud of him! We went out on the party barge for a couple of hours one day and he never made a peep! He slept most of the time, and played the rest of the time! Here we are getting ready to head out on the lake!

Isn't this cute? This is Gage and his buddy Aaron. They were born on the exact same day, about 19 hours apart. Bill and Teneal (Aaron's parents) are good friends of ours. Teneal was 3 weeks ahead of me while we were, isn't that neat? The boys were so cute in their life jackets!

I took Gage on his first trip to the zoo last week! My friend Jodie is a kindergarten teacher so she took her class on a field trip to the zoo. We went with them, an had so much fun! Here we are!

Michael and I went to see Rance tonight, so Gage went to a ballgame with MeMe. She said he was so good!When she brought him home, he and Daddy played airplane. I love to watch them play together...he loves his Daddy so much!!

Look at those cheeks...he gets that from Daddy I'm pretty sure!

He's holding his head up so well!! Yay Little Man!!!

Here he is in his first ball cap. Actually its a hunting cap, but you get the picture. Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen!

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Anonymous said...

When Lexi was 3 months old she started eating food... I started with apple rice cereal @ bedtime with a bottle then the next week I started the fruit and then veggies.. She quit that non stop crying thing!!! Hope you have LUCK!! Hope your cousin is doing well!! Amy