Sunday, May 10, 2009

Please Pray! Sunday May 10, 2009

Now, more than ever, my family needs your prayers! My cousin, also a very good friend of mine, has been in an accident and broken his neck. He and some friends were in the back of a truck and he stood up to readjust. When he did, he fell out and landed on his head. He has 3 broken vertebrates, one of which is pressing on his spinal cord, and is causing him to have no feeling from the chest down.. He had an MRI this morning and we are waiting on the results from the nuerologist. We know God has a plan for him and Rance is in good hands! Please keep him and our family in your prayers!

If you know Rance, you know he is quite a character! This was a few weeks ago at our house. He loves to cook, and on occasion he will call me to see if we would like for him to cook dinner for us! We NEVER turn down his meals!! He is still in good spirits and is very optimistic on his recovery! He is definitly a fighter!! We love you Rance!

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