Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday May 11, 2009

Rance had his surgery this morning and is doing well. However, we did not get the news we had so desperately hoped for. The neurologist met with Rusty and Vicki (Rance's parents) before his surgery and explained to them that they were going to replace his broken vertebrates and relieve the pressure from his spinal cord. This would stabilize his neck and if everything went as planned, he would get the feeling back into his body. At that time, they didn't know of any spinal cord damage. When they got into the operating room they found that Rance, in fact, did have damage to his spinal cord, and also to his Carotid Artery. They repaired both of these and his vertebrates and he is now in recovery. He has a ventilator tube in his mouth and his nurses have been keeping him HEAVILY sedated...I'm sure you know, Rance is fighting them with all he has. He does not like he fact that they have all the tubes hooked up to him and he isn't able to get up and agrivate us ;)

We have all been to see him, and on occasion he wakes up to respond to us! Each baby step that Rance takes gives him a little more hope! The doctor says that the way he is now, is the way he will always be. We think differently! Rance told Vicki after the accident happened that he WILL walk again...this is the part of his attitude we love so much! With lots of prayers and encouragement I am convinced Rance can and will walk out of here!

Keep fighting Rance! We love you so much!

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Hudson Family said...

Hey Anna, Sorry to hear about the accident. What hospital is he in? I am praying for you guys. Is there anything you need?