Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of Smiles!

For the last few weeks, Gage has been smiling so much! It seems like every time I get the camera out to get his picture he stops. Yesterday while I was working he went with Michael and his sister Tammy and I got this in an email!! What a doll! I'm so glad someone finally got him smiling!

On a lighter note, this week has been so crazy. I have spent the last week at the hospital with Rance and the rest of my family, and I'm completely exhausted! We all are! Gage can't be in the hospital (but don't get me started on that) so he has spent a lot of time at my Mom's and with Michael this week. I miss him so much, and I can't stand the thought of leaving him one more time. On the other hand, I don't want to be away from the hospital one second because I'm afraid something will happen while I'm gone. AM I GOING CRAZY OR WHAT?

We have so much on our agenda for this weekend, but not enough time to do it. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can get things back to normal...but, what our new normal will be?!

Rance's accident has affected our lives so much. I realize that what has been normal for me in the past is about to be totally different. I'm completely OK with all of it, but I'm ready to see just what is in store for us! Please continue to keep Rance in your prayers...he has a long, long road ahead of him and lots of hurdles to jump.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on Rance's conditions. I try to check daily.
I believe that Kami told us you guys were in church this morning. Gary & I both said that we hoped we didn't walk by you and not recognize you. If we did we are sorry about that. We hope you enjoyed it.
Again thanks for the updates.

Pam Newcomb

Crystal Lewis said...

I'm continuing to pray for Rance daily. I think about you all the time.