Monday, February 1, 2010

One Year Pictures...

A few months ago when I started getting Gage's birthday party together, I decided I needed to have some one year pictures made to put on the invites. I know several photographers around here that have done a great job for us in the past, but none of them have studios. I HAD to find someone with a studio! A friend of mine suggested someone to me, so I decided to give her a try. You know how it goes though, you never know about a photographer until you use them.

Well, it turns out that I "loved" her the very second I met her! Her name is Justi Heath and she owns Heath Photography in Sheridan, AR. She was very profession, but fun too. She was great with Gage. Her prices are very reasonable, AND I already have 4 proofs to use on his invites!! If you live around here, you should give her a call!

We had Gage a little smash cake made for his pictures! As you can see, he had no problem "digging in"!

I think he has a little sweet tooth like his Daddy and MeMe! He cried when we took the cake away :(Thank You so much, Justi, for the amazing pictures of our little man! You did a great job and we will be back to see you matter what Daddy said ;)


Kristi said...

OMG he looks so much like a little toddler in that first picture. He is growing up too fast. Cute pics.

harris1013 said...