Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visiting Colson...

Tonight, we went to Tammy & Jayson's (SIL & BIL) for dinner and so that the boys could play.

 I'm sure you can remember me talking about my nephew, Colson. Tammy found out she was pregnant with him on our wedding night and I can remember being SO excited that I would soon be an aunt! Gage and Colson are 6 weeks apart in age and COMPLETELY opposite. It is so funny to see them together because when I say opposite, I MEAN OPPOSITE! Colson is very quiet, very bashful, he goes to bed early, he's a picky eater, and he doesn't know what to think of Gage. Every time we are around them, he looks at him like "Dude, why are you so dang loud?". Despite the definite differences, they played really well together tonight! They were chasing a ball here...looks like they were racing!  
At home, Gage has several walking toys, but he won't ever walk behind them. I saw this toy sitting there and decided I'd stand him up behind it. I was shocked when he started walking around the living room! YAY little man! It won't be long now!!!
Colson has the same 4-wheeler that Gage has. We sat both of them on it together and they were a hoot! Colson grabbed Gage's hand and pulled it around his waist, as if he was helping him hold on. What little dolls!
Aren't they just too sweet?
Right before we left, we found them both behind the chair "talking". I'm sure Gage was probably doing most of it! He's the "mouth of the south"!
I'm so glad we were able to get the boys together tonight! Thanks to Aunt Tam and Uncle Jay for having us over!

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Eric and Leslie Warford said...

I love these sweet pictures!!!