Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day...

For the most part, I'm not extremely crazy about the holiday. To be honest, I would much rather Michael do something sweet for me "just because" than to do something for me becasue it is some special day. Usually, we get eachother some little something and call it good. This year was a little different. On Saturday, Michael and I booked a hotel room in Hot Springs. It is only about 30-45 mintues away from our house, but we knew if we stayed at home, we wouldn't do anything different than we ever do. Mom kept Gage for us and we spent the weekend away. We did some shopping, lots of eating, went to bed early and had good intentions on sleeping in on Sunday. Well, as it turns out, when you get up early every morning, it is hard to sleep in. I would have never guessed it, but that's how it works I guess! We got up, went downstairs for the lovely contenintal breakfast, and spent the rest of the day at the horse races. I'm not a huge gambler, not at all actually, but I LOVE to go watch the horses run!
We had a lot of fun with just the 2 of us, but Valentine's Day wouldn't have been complete without a date with our SWEETHEART. We left the races, picked Gage up, and took him out to eat for a special Valentine dinner...Applebee's! Although it really wasn't anything special, it was special to us because we were back at home with our little man!
When we got home, we gave him his little gift we found for him on our "trip". We got him a new football and a chair to take to the ballpark when Daddy plays softball. He loves balls, so we knew he'd love it, but we figured the chair would be a while. Surprise...he loved it too!
Happy Valentine's Day to our special VALENTINE!! Mommy and Daddy love you!!!
MeMe, thanks again for taking such great care of Gage for us! We love you too!

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