Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Real life cowboy...

Just like every other sport, there is an end of the year Award Ceremony for the Junior Rodeos. All of the little cowboys got together for a ceremony where they all received awards for the past season. We have never been a part of this, so we weren't sure what to expect. All we knew was that Gage would get SOMETHING. They called each kid, by name, up to the stage. I'll never forget how excited he was to hear his own name. I'm not sure he expected that! His first award was a saddle blanket. He was able to pick his color and couldn't have been more proud of his first Rodeo Award!
Each child also earned a water bucket and a t-shirt with their name on it. Here he is getting his bucket!
I am sure you remember these three monkeys from a couple posts ago. These are Gage's best buds! They LOVE each other so much and play so well together. Gage and Joe (middle kid) go to preschool together as well. They fight like brothers, but they love each other so much! This is all the boys in their trophy jackets. They have their name on them and they acted as if they were given a million dollars!
I am so proud of Gage for competing and completing his first year of Junior Rodeos. I look forward to many more years to come. This is something I always hoped my kids would share my love for!
Doesn't he look so handsome? I'm so proud to be his Mom!

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