Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm back...for good, this time!

Oh my, has it been a while since I've written!? I have been so CRAZY with Chasing Emmy, that I've abandoned my blog. Honestly, I can't believe I haven't been here in over a year. I have missed so much in other bloggers lives, and if anyone even reads this, they've missed a lot in mine. In the past 16 months, life has changed a little. My kids are growing like weeds, I've opened a new business, and I'm crazier than ever! So, as a little "welcome back", I'll try to catch you up on SOME of what life has been about since I was here last.

In my last post, Emerson was a little over 2 months old. She is now 18 MONTHS and boy, have things changed. She is all over the place. She's bossy. She talks NON-STOP. She ADORES her brother. And, she is a major DIVA. My dreams of playing dress-up have definitely come true! Although she is a Momma's girl, she has stolen her Daddy's heart and made him even more a softy than he already was! I think we will keep her ;)

As for Gage, he is now 4 1/2. He is HILARIOUS and has the best sense of humor. He still loves anything cowboy, but his new obsession is Baseball! He played on his first team this Summer, but he seems to like the game a little more, in our backyard. I think the "game" was too much for him, honestly. He hasn't figured out the whole "share the ball" theory just yet. You know, when you're at home playing with Daddy, you don't have to share much :-/  He is a Daddy's boy to the core, and I just pretend I'm ok with it ;)

Now, onto the Boutique...in June of 2012, I opened a small Children's Boutique in a section of a local store. I sell Boutique clothing and accessories for little girls of all ages! I love the business, but the store wasn't enough. I have recently launched my website and I'm thrilled with how things are going so far! If you stopped by, please do! www.chasingemmy.com

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