Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emerson is ONE!!

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I want to take a few days to play "catch up". From the beginning, my reason for blogging was to have somewhat of a scrapbook of our lives. When life gets crazy, it is easy to forget things. Important things.

I want to start with Emerson's First Birthday. Instead of the typical over-the-top cake, we decided on cupcakes. I wanted something different this time around. I was thrilled with the way the cake turned out and I have Heather McCray York to thank for that! Heather, if you're ready this...we LOVED it!!
Both of my kids LOVE sweets, so watching them tear into their cakes was fun for everyone! Emerson enjoyed hers, but certainly not as much as her brother. She's such a typical little girl ;)
My kids are so BLESSED with family that adores them. As the only babies on my Dad's side and 2 of 3 on my Mom's, they are spoiled rotten! 
The party was TONS of fun and we can't thank everyone enough for sharing the day with us!
Happy 1st Birthday, sweet girl! We love you to the moon and back!!

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