Monday, July 19, 2010

I had a few more pictures of our day at the ranch that I wanted to share. Pictures certainly don't do this place any justice, but I had to post them anyway!

This is the creek Gage was playing in! It is such a beautiful place!!
And here's Papaw perched on the creek bank!
This is such a neat picture to me. You can barely see the cows ears above the grass. Those things watch every move you make!
I feel so sorry for this little lady. I think she's quite possible about 12 months pregnant ;)
Last but not least, the men in my life! I love them more than life itself!
I hope you have enjoyed a "mini-tour" of Dad's ranch!
Have a great rest of the day!!


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Amy said...

oohhh your pictures are beautiful!!! What kind of camera are you using and what editing program? The Ranch is beautiful!