Friday, July 23, 2010

a little man in the tub...

I cannot even begin to explain to you how much Gage loves bath time. Every night when we get finished with dinner, he goes straight into the bathroom and pulls back the curtain. The first few times we thought it was coincidental, but we soon realized that this was very much on purpose. I guess there's nothing better than a good bath before bedtime!
Usually by the time his bath is over, there is a huge puddle of water in the floor and water splashed all over the walls.
At least he doesn't fight me when bath time rolls around!
Another of his favorites is running around naked when he gets out. When he was a baby, he had a terrible diaper rash and the doctor told us the best thing for it was air. this day, Gage still feels the need to "air out". Usually the airing out lasts about an hour and luckily we haven't had any accidents on the carpet...yet!

I feel quite sure that's the cutest naked booty I've ever seen!


Ashley E. said...

These are the most precious pictures!!! Haha! Coming over from Jenna's!

Lesley said...

Your little man is adorable :)

I'm blog hopping from Jenna's Journey.

Kris said...

Gage has the sweetest, most contagious smile!

Bourg Family said...

Hope not to sound like a pervert when I say baby/toddler heinys are the CUTEST!! I pinch on my 2 year old's booty all the time. It's adorable.

Jessica said...

Stopping by from Jenna's blog.

Your son is adorable!! I think you need to keep those pictures forever so when he brings dates home, you can pull them out. Ha ha.

Janelle said...

Over from Jenna's Journey.
What cute pictures! My son is a huge fan of bath time too!