Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day: Part 1

Saturday morning, Gage and I went to the lake to spend the day with some family. Michael was playing softball and wasn't able to go, so I decided to tackle the nerve-racking event on my own. I had a lot of family there, but it still made me a nervous wreck to have little man out on the water.
He loved "driving" the boat, but it didn't take long for the hum of the motor to put him right to sleep!
We tried several time to get thim to swim, but he wouldn't have it. He pretty much sat on the boat all day long. Thank Goodness for a covered party barge ;)

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Kristi said...

In the first picture of Gage man, he looks just like Jeremy to me! Such a cutie. I miss him. We need another play day soon.