Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As I told you before, my Dad moved away a few months ago and I hardly ever see him anymore. Well, since this Sunday was Father's Day, I figured there was no better time to go see him. The entire family went to see him, actually!
Growing up, my Mom used to tell me, "you think you're Daddy hung the moon". My parents were divorced and I'm sure her saying that wasn't always a good thing, but I didn't know the difference. I'm sure she couldn't have meant it to be too terrible! The truth was, I did think he hung the moon. He was never wrong in my eyes and I loved him dearly! As it turns out, I still feel sort of the same now, at age 26! He still hung the moon, and I love him dearly...but, as I've gotten older I have figured out that, on occasion, he is wrong. Sorry Dad ;)

Anyway, on with the story. When we got to Dad's house, he had something extra special for his favorite little man...a swimming pool! And guess what...Gage loved it!
I have never seen a 16 Month old that loves to have water splashed in his face so much!
Are you ready, Mom? Ready...
get set...
GO! The water takes his breathe every time. But he loves it!
We spent the hottest part of the day playing inside. What is it with kids being so fascinated with shoes that are way too big for them? I don't know, but it sure was cute watching him play with them!
Until next time, here's a little goodbye kiss for you!
Happy Father's Day to all the special Daddy's out there!

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