Sunday, September 6, 2009

6 Month Update

Why is it that I can't find time to blog anymore, so I have to play catch up every weekend? Maybe it's the 22 lb baby I have hanging on my hip? Yep, you heard right! We went to Gage's 6 month doctors appointment and he weighed almost 22 pounds (93%)and he was 29 inches long (98%)! I keep thinking when it is time for him to be weighed, he will be a normal size baby, but it never happens! I suppose that may be because his Daddy is rather large as well! That's ok with me though, they are awfully snuggly!!! Gage loves the wooden sticks Dr. Nolen gives him to play with!I think we may possibly have the best Pediatrician EVER! Every time we go, she plays with Gage for a few minutes, makes sure he's on track for his age, and tells us new things we can start doing. It is always exciting to see how Gage reacts to new things we give him to try! This time she told us to start giving him sippy cups, Puffs, and a new car seat.

A new car seat? Seriously? But...he's just a baby! HA!! He's just a baby that is about to out grow his "bucket" (that's what we call the infant carrier). So, now we are in the market for one of those! Any suggestions?

As far as the sippy cup goes...he's not too sure what to think about it, but it's fun to chew on! He will figure it all out soon enough! We aren't in any hurry!

We have tried Puffs and he likes them quite a bit, but he hasn't figured out how to get them in his own mouth yet! That will come with time too!


Ashley Jo Anglin said...

My middle daughter saw Dr Nolan when she was @ Childrens working as a resident. We love her, she is so sweet. :)
Get a good carseat and keep it rearfacing as long as possible. I recommend getting a Britax. It's worth every penny after I did research on them. They sell them @ Target!

Leah said...

What a cutie!! About the car seat- we have been looking for a convertible car seat for Perri (she's no where near the weight limit and probably won't be until she's 3 but she's getting too long for it haha) but I had been looking at Britax until I went to Pickles and Ice Cream in Little Rock while visiting my parents and talked to a guy there about them. I had heard about this brand but didn't know much about it, but it's the Radian 80 by Sunshine Kids and is awesome. The thing I like best is the material is like a mesh so it won't be hot like most of those velour ones are, and we live in Houston so we can't do those. It also is one of the best safety wise and is made of steel, not plastic. It also goes up to 80lbs, which most others only go up to 60. It also is much more narrow than most huge convertibles and even folds up for travel (plane). I think we're gonna get that one! The guy said he recommends it way over the Britax too!! And if you're little guy is on the higher end of weight, you may want to get one that goes up to the 80 lbs. This is the only convertible I've seen that goes up that high! Sorry for the long post but hope that helps!

*Kc* said...

Hey Anna! Just saw your blog through someone know the blog world.

We see doctor Nolen as well and I just love her!! I thought Carrah was heavy, but Gage is 2lbs more and younger:) I just love chubby legs on babies!!

I also have a Britax for my oldest daughter and it's amazing!!