Sunday, September 6, 2009

5 Question Friday

Ok, so I realize it is now Sunday, but I found this on someone's blog today and I decided it would be fun! I love to get to know new bloggers, and it is always fun to read new stories! If you have time, please join us!

To join in on the fun...Copy and paste the questions to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code! You're ready to go!

September 4th Questions:

1. The clothing outfit you remember from childhood and why?
Ha! Now this is a funny one! I don't remember a whole lot about the clothes I wore, but I do know that looking back, I was not all that cute ;) To be quite honest, I think maybe I was a little dorky! But...weren't we all! I remember this one particular dress I had. It was fushia, and it had turquoise flowers on it. I always wore those HUGE poofy bangs with a tight, and I mean TIGHT ponytail. As you can imagine, I had huge cheeks, and huge teeth! Now don't you think that was probably a sight?

2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to work in an office...ugh! Now, I think I would cringe if I thought I had to sit behind a desk 8 hours a day. I'm way too high strung for that!

3. What is your must have for Fall?
I LOVE SWEATERS! I don't get to wear them a lot because of my job. There is nothing more miserable than having tiny little hairs stuck in your clothes! When you wear sweaters, the hairs are there for good!

4. If money were no object, how many kiddos would you really have?
Ummm. TWO! I'm pretty sure I still need my sanity no matter how much money I have. I mean, does that Duggar lady have any sense at all?

5. What is the best part of your birthing story (other than the beautiful child at the end)?
The best part for me was realizing how special I am to Michael and how special he is to me. I don't mean to brag, but he showed me over and over that day how special I am to him. I didn't eat for 48 hours before Gage was born...neither did he! I tried to get him to go to the cafeteria with the rest of my family, but he wouldn't. He said he wasn't going to eat until I could. didn't take him long after Gage was born to find him some food ;) I had a pretty rough labor, and he never one time stepped away from my side. He was my rock that day!

( P.S. The McLinky on this is closed, but it is fun anyway! )


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