Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Fun...

Yay, Daddy...
We have had quite an exciting weekend around here! Michael played softball all day yesterday, and it happened to be perfect weather for Gage and I. It was around 85 all day and about 60 at night. I LOVE FALL, but I have a feeling this weekend was just a tease for us :( I'll keep my fingers crossed it wasn't!
Gage was absolutely PERFECT all day long! The only time he made a peep was when people cheered. This is what happened then...

other than that, he was an Angel! Everyone kept asking, "is he always this good?". He made Mommy and Daddy very proud!

Here is our family picture for the day. This is only like the 4th family picture we have ever taken (pretty sad I know). I think it turned out so cute!
This is another of my favorites. Michael was trying to get Gage to laugh and I shot the camera just in time to get them in action. I love my boys so much it hurts! Oh yeah, and just for the record, Michael's team won 2nd in the Tournament! Yay, Tri-C!!!

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...

MeMe took us to the Zoo today. We had a lot of fun and once again...the weather was perfect! It did get a little warm a couple of times but not too bad! My camera batteries died as soon as we got past the first cage, so sorry for the terrible picture quality. I took these with my iPhone, so they leave a lot to be desired!
The Gorillas are my very favorite animal at the Zoo. It is so funny to watch them "mock" humans. This one was quite a character!
I think the Giraffes are neat too!
Here is Gage right before we left. Look at those rosy little cheeks!

MeMe, Gage, and Laine! Aren't they sweet?

We had such a wonderful day at the Zoo, and can't wait to go back again! Maybe next time I won't forget my camera!


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