Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relaxing and Visitors

Gage and I have had another Sunday. At home. With nothing to do. And guess what else...we love it! Michael is playing softball today, so Gage and I have been at home doing a whole lot of nothing. I've picked the house up and done some laundry, but other than that it has been a pretty uneventful day. We did however, have a few visitors. As a matter of fact, this weekend has been full of visitors!

Kyle came by yesterday to visit with us (by us, I mean Gage) ;) He stayed for the majority of the day, then we all went to eat at our favorite...Las Palmas! Kyle is my cousin, and happens to think Gage hung the moon! It is so sweet watching them play! I have a feeling Kyle and Gage will be BIG buddies one of these days !
My Dad stopped by this morning to see us before he goes on his big trip in the morning. He's going to Portland, Oregon for some sort of haul. He is a cattle farmer, so I assume he's hauling cattle to Oregon? Who knows. You can't ever tell about Pawpaw! He's always into something! He stayed for a while and played with Gage while I picked up the house a little. It was nice to have him here, and we can't wait until he is home from his trip. He will be gone for 10 days :(
MeMe also stopped by in tow! It is so funny how before I had Gage, she would always be buying me something. Well, I don't think she has bought me anything since Feb. 27th (Gage's Birthday). She came in this morning with a huge box of diapers and 2 new toys for her "Angel Boy". Here they are playing. Isn't it sweet! By the way...I wouldn't have the gift buying any other way. She is such a blessing to us!!!

Meet, Dot!For quite some time now, I haev had full intentions of introducing Gage's furry friend. Her name is Dot! How original huh? She is a green polka dot silky with an elephant head attatched. Gage loves her! A few weeks ago, we lost her somehow and it was a minor tradgedy in our house. Mom and I found her at TJMaxx a few months ago, so we knew there would be no chance of finding another. Luckily, Michael and Gage left her at Big Daddy's and we finally got her back! Isn't this a sweet picture of "Little Man" and his baby?


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Kristi said...

So cute, so what does Michael have to say about little man and Dot!!! Too funny, by the way, my mom is the same way gifts for the girls. That's what grandma's are for!