Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little Big Boy...

Isn't it funny how when we become parents, we get excited about things we never thought we'd be getting excited about. I can remember before Gage was born I would think to myself, "that goofy lady is excited about her kid doing that?", or "is she really crying because her kid is getting his/her first haircut?". No offense to those who did that, but I still don't understand that ;) Maybe it is because I cut hair all day and it is no big deal to me. Anyway, back to what I was saying. It seems like every day Gage is learning something new. Something bigger, better, and lots more fun!

Over the past week or so he has changed so much it seems like. He is constantly saying DADADADADADADA, instead of just the normal baby "cooing". It is really sweet, but I keep thinking, "come on son, say MAMAMAMA for once". I suppose I'll forgive him for now, but I hope Mama comes soon;)

He has been trying really hard to sit up lately. He does really well for a minute or so, then he falls on his side. I'll bet it won't be long and he will be sitting all by himself.

Until about 3 weeks ago, he hated to be on his he won't stay on his back. We have to be more careful about where we lay him now because he rolls all over the place. He looks like he is 5 in this picture :(

He has really started playing with his toys a lot more lately. We lay him in the floor with them every night and let him play. He LOVES it and seems to have a lot longer attention span than he did a month ago. He still doesn't play with the same toy for long, but he doesn't have to...his Grandma's bring him a new toy every day it seems like. If it keeps up, Mommy and Daddy are going to have to buy a bigger house!

MeMe bought him these rings and plays with them every day. Is it a rule that every baby has these or what? I remember my brother having them when he was a kid. They are only like $5 and I swear babies love them! It is so funny how kids will play with simple things like rings and cardboard boxes for hours, but they are bored with things you spend a lot of money on. There's no doubt that changes throughout life ;)

Granny Peg and Paw brought him this new toy the other night. He loves all the noises it makes!

Nana and Pawpaw brought this ball back from Texas for him. It rolls on its own, and it won't be long before he will be chasing it around the house.

Grams brought him this car last week. It is so cute and does some pretty neat things! It is a jumper, a walker, and a stationary entertainer! What will they come up with next?

He took his first "sit up" bath last night and I'm pretty sure he loved it! He made a HUGE mess around the kitchen sink, but it was all worth it to see him have so much fun!

I thought I would share this because it is one of the only pictures I have of my Dad and Gage. I think it is so sweet how he snuggled up with his Pawpaw! They will be big buddies one day I'm sure!



harris1013 said...

Don't get your feelings hurt...A speech pathologist told me that "Da Da" is the easiest sound.

Eric and Leslie Warford said...

1. That car is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.

2. I hope you weren't referring to me about the crying at the first hair cut...I was a big girl..remember???

3. He IS getting big.

4. I thought at first that he looked like Michael, but I'm seeing more and more of you as he gets older. I guess that's a good thing? ;)

5. We need to get him and Til together very soon!