Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I think it is safe to say that my little man is in the beginning stages of teething. It seems so crazy that we can finally be at that stage, but I suppose 5 months is about the right time, huh? He has started drooling like crazy, and putting everything he can get his hands on, in his mouth.
Everyone keeps telling me that he needs a bib to catch all that drool, but I just don't like those things. They just seem gross to me. I think I would rather change his clothes 10 times a day!
He got his toy hung on his foot and he tried so hard to get it off! It was so funny!
I'm not really sure if it is normal or not, but Gage was doing so well with his sleeping until a few weeks ago. Now he wakes up 2-3 times in the night and will hardly go back to sleep. A couple of nights ago, he woke up at 11pm. He WOULD NOT go back to sleep, so I let him play for a minute thinking maybe he would get tired soon. It worked, but I don't want to "create a monster". What in the world do I do, and is this normal with teething?
Is this the sweetest thing you've ever seen or what? Gage is terribly hot natured (just like his Daddy) and he loves to sleep in his diaper. We don't let him at night, because you could hang meat in our house at night, but it sure is cute at nap time :)
Back to School time has come and it has been crazy busy at work this week. I'm certainly not complaining ;) Today was a pretty big day, but to make it even bigger, I got to do 2 "First Haircuts". Now, I will tell you this, first haircuts can go one of two ways. Either "really bad", or "really good"! I was a little nervous of how the girls would act with me behind them with scissors in hand. I am very good friends with both their Momma's, so I didn't figure it would be one of those "really bad" occasions, but you never know.

First thing this morning I cut Lexyn's hair. She is one of the twins that Gage stayed with earlier in the year. She did great!! She sat quietly in the chair and played with the clippies I gave her until we finished!
Then, later on, I cut Tilly's hair. She was a little skeptical of me at first, but I bribed her with a sucker and we had no problems!

I had so much fun with both of them and look forward to cutting their hair for years to come!!! They have both posted pictures on their blogs, so make sure you check them out! Thanks Kristi and Leslie for trusting me with your sweet little girls!



Kristi said...

I do remember we started around 6 months of waking up several times a night again. I am not sure it went with teething but after messing with them for several months, I had to fight it and just let them cry it out. That first night Lex screamed for about 2 hours but finally fell asleep. The next night they both cried for about an hour then the 3rd night, no one woke up. It was really hard, but after those 2 nights I was glad I did it. They say to never get them up and let them play, that does create bad habits. You may also try giving tylenol right before you lay him down. By the way, thanks for doing Lexyn's hair. It was daddy approved! He thinks it is so cute, and I agree.

Jay and Kristen said...

I didn't know you were working at that salon now. Beth cuts my hair and when I went in the other day I saw your pictures. You baby boy is so adorable.

I also have an award for you over at my blog.