Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching Up...

Sadly to say...I have lots of catching up to do. I have been so busy around here lately, and I tell myself every night, "I have got to blog", but I never do! I'm going to do better...promise! Sorry for such a long post...hopefully you enjoy all the pictures!

Saturday Mom and I took my Aunt Vicki (Rance's Mom) to paint pottery. She has been staying home to take care of Rance since his accident and hasn't had time to get away. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

I painted a candy bowl for our Halloween candy. It has Gage's footprints on the sides that I made into little ghosts. He curls his toes all the time, so this wasn't easy!

I made his hand print on the inside for a cat! I'm pretty sure we had black paint everywhere after this little adventure! I think it is going to be so cute! What do you think?

Sunday we had some family come home from Chicago so we had a small little reunion. I love family time and this is why...
Kyle and Gage had lots of fun with Papa's hat! He couldn't figure out what in the world was on his head!

Rance took him for another ride on his wheelchair. Gage thinks Rance is so funny! He just stares at him and laughs constantly when he's around! I just love this one of Rance playing with Gage's hands. It is so special to me!

Gage loves his cousins! As you can tell, they love him too!

Here he is with his bunny. I haven't taken one of these in so long. Gosh he's getting big...and so handsome! Maybe I'm just a tad bit partial!

My Pawpaw is having brain surgery this week, so he and my Nana have gone to Tyler, TX for a while. He has Parkinson's Disease, and the only doctor that will perform surgery is there. I am so worried about his surgery, but I know it is the best option for him. Please keep the 2 of them in your prayers! This was taken last week before they left. Nana has called me numerous times to make sure Gage remembers her. Of course he does! This one is for you Nana!! We can't wait for you and PawPaw to come home!



Kristi said...

I think he is losing he baby look and getting more features that make him look like a little toddler, especially in the picture with the bunny. Wow, he is getting big!

Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

Oh my, I LOVE your Halloween bowl. I want to make on with Huddy's feet and hand! How did you come up with that! It is so cute! He is so cute! I loved getting some Gage loveys the other night! And Colson wants to come back to play with Gage's daddy. He asked if we could go back to your house after we went and got dinner that night! I think he still likes Mike-Mike! Thanks again for everything! He is doing so much better with it!