Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Weekend...

I must say, this weekend has been pretty crazy! Rance's Benefit was Saturday, so I spent the few days leading up to it trying to get shirts delivered, pick up donations, etc. I can't believe how much work was put into the whole thing...completely worth it though! Speaking of Rance, he has finally been moved to Baptist Rehab where he will hopefully be spending the next couple of months getting back in the swing of things. He is doing SO much better and I'm SO proud of him! Hang in there'll be home before you know it!!!

This is a picture of Gage and I before we left for the benefit Saturday...isn't his little shirt cute?

My sweet little family!! Good grief it was HOT!!

This is my cousin Kyle (on the horse), and our friend "Big Ern". As kids, we were all involved in rodeoing, but as we grew older, some of us strayed away from the rodeo scene. Kyle, Rance, and I never ride horses, and it is pretty comical to see us on them. Rance has quite a sense of humor, so Kyle and Big Ern decided they would "try" their hand at Team Roping this weekend because they knew Rance would get a kick out of it. IT WAS HYSTERICAL! What about those outfits?

Some of us girls with Rance's mom!

And the boys with Rance's dad!

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