Thursday, June 4, 2009

Acid Reflux...seriously?

So, for about the past 3 weeks, Gage has been spitting up like you would not believe. I wouldn't think too much of it, except for the fact that, he has never spit up before. He has been SUPER cranky before bedtime and after each bottle. I finally broke down Monday and took him to the doctor. I hate taking him for things like this because it seems so silly. I am one of those that doesn't go to the doctor unless I am dying, so have had to make some changes since I have become a Mommy. Dr. Stanford put him on Prevacid to reduce the acid in his tummy, and told me to put 2 tsp. per ounce of formula in every bottle. I didn't figure it was going to work well with Gage's little tummy, but I did it anyway. He started that on Monday evening and the Prevacid on Tuesday morning.

All that being said, he was cranky again last night before bedtime. He went to sleep. Woke up at 6 to eat. I put him back in bed. And instantly heard him throwing up. I didn't freak out, just cleaned him up and got us both back in bed. I really figured maybe I had just shaken him up when I laid him down. I gave him his medicine this morning and took him to Kristi's. I left, and by the time I got to work, she called and said he had thrown his entire bottle up again. Strange thing is, he doesn't act like he is sick. He's just as chipper as always, he just can't keep his milk down. I told her I thought he may be constipated and just doesn't have any more room in his belly, so she gave him a glycerin suppository and within minutes, you got it...a major blowout. Thank goodness I have such a sweet babysitter or I would have been in trouble!

Needless to say, I took him back to see Dr. Stanford again today. We did x-rays (which BTW scared me to death) and a few other tests. He told me he thought he was allergic to his milk, and to change his formula to Nutramigen and take him off cereal.

Now, here's the rest of the story...I think he's wrong. Gage has been on the same formula for 3 months now, and has had no problems with throwing up. However, he has been on Prevacid and cereal for 2 days and can't keep ANYTHING down. So, what did I do? I didn't change his formula...yet! As a matter of fact, I didn't change anything. But guess what...the first bottle he took after his blowout...success! He had me scared half to death, but he's all better! He was simply constipated! Isn't it funny how a Mother's intuition is right on track?

Sorry for all the blabbing about Gage's stomach problems, but I just needed to know if I was alone in this world. Doctor's know what they are talking about for the most part, but this time, I think not!

What would a post be without a picture of my little man? These are some pictures his babysitter took of him yesterday! MMMMM...I could just eat him up!

One more thing, if any of you have been reading Rance's blog, he really needs your prayers! He has been out of ICU for about a week now, and has been doing well until last night. His Mom and his nurse had been up with him to do a treatment on his lungs. They both turned around to get things going, and a minute or so later they turned back around and he wasn't breathing and was non responsive. His skin had already turned white and Vicki (his mom) said that she knew he was dead. They brought in all the tools the use to resuscitate someone, and after a couple minutes of working with him, they finally got him to respond. Other than the actual accident, this has been the most tragic experience for him. He is back in ICU now, and back on the ventilator. Please pray for his strength and healing!


mommylicious said...

I'm praying for Rance...

But seriously, one of my kiddos was on Nutramigen and it cost a fortune and I didn't see a difference. One of my kids had reflux so bad she was in and out of the hospital. I think it's better to keep doing what you're doing for a period and then see how it goes. Dr Stanford gave my last one Prevacid and Reglan but I didnt think he needed it....
Gage is sooo cute!

Jay and Kristen said...

Hey girl...You may want to ask Linsey about the prevacid stuff. Dr. Stanford had Chloe doing the same thing. When she took Chloe to the GI doc he said to give her the med about 30 min before the actual bottle. Anyway, I think that is right. I might would just ask her to know for sure. Hope he gets to feeling better!

The Haymans said...

Brody threw up...not spit projectile vomited for 4 months! The nurse kept putting me off saying it was just a little reflux and first time moms can blow things out of porportion. But we seriously would sit with a bath towel at every feeding. And the ones at night were the worst! They did every test imaginable and put him on Reglan, Axid, and finally Prevacid was the magical formula. He lost so much weight and was itty bitty but a few months on prevacid and he fattened up . Hope everything works out for you and that sweet baby!

Hudson Family said...

Hey Anna, Kristen is right. We have to give the Prevacid 30 mins before her meal. I think he is a wonderful doctor but he isn't with you kid all day so my advice to you is to video it. This is what worked for us with her Laryngomalacia. I am not sure what formula he is on but some formulas they are allergic to and constipation is a side effect, Chloe's was blood and mucous. I personally would just give him the meds 30 mins before a bottle and it doesn't work overnight it has to be in there system a few days before we saw a difference. We give it to her during her bath and then usually she has a bottle sometime after. I would not do anything but his formula because cereal seems to constipate babies more. This is just from personal experience that we did with both of ours kids. Liam just had to be on Prosobee for a few months so that he would not be constipated and no meds. Hope this helps some.

Meet The Brown's said...


Oh my gosh.. if you have any advice for me please let me know..

We are going through this same thing and its a struggle.. Abby was throwing (projectile) up her bottles and it would come out of her nose.. They also put her on prevacid and on Nutramigen yesterday.. I pray this fixes things.. She is a month old tomorrow and I just want her to feel better..

Hope Gage is feeling better