Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a busy year!!

As you probably already know 2008 was a crazy year for us...but a great one! We have made so many changes-for the better of course-and we are loving every minute! I thought I would share a few of our 2008 hilights!

Michael and I got married on May 17th! This is one of my very favorite pictures from that special day!

We started building our new home in December of 2007 and we finally finished in June of 2008! This isn't a great pic, but the only one I can find!

On July 3rd, we found out that we would soon be a family of 3! Michael and I couldn't have been more shocked and excited all at one time! For some reason I never took a picture of this :(

We started the dreaded "moving day" on July 4th...I'm wasn't much help as you can imagine! I was now carrying precious cargo!

Throughout the Summer Michael played LOTS of softball, and we made many trips out of town! Softball is his passion, and I'm learning to love it a little more than I did at first! As a matter of fact...I'm really starting to look forward to the new season! To all of our softball buddies...we can't wait to see you! Here we are at one of the tournaments!

On October 8th we found out the we were expecting a Baby Boy...Andrew Gage Williams! I have been in love ever since, and can't imagine what life will be like once he finally gets here! It seems like only yesterday the test said "yes", but at the same time it seems like years ago. It is so strange how time can fly by one day and creep by the next! We only have 9 weeks to go before he gets here, and we are so anxious!

2009 is going to be another GREAT year for us, I just know it! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2008, and I can't wait to see what everyone has in store!


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