Wednesday, May 5, 2010


One of my favorite things to do, when the weather is nice, is go to the zoo. Last weekend, Mom and I took Gage to the zoo for the first time this year. The weather was perfect and the animals were all out and about.
I have seen the "Lorikeet" exhibit several times, but never once have I ever wanted to go in there. I mean, a cage full of birds flying around my head has never interested me in the least. Well, Mom just had to go in there to show Gage the birds, so off we went.
Unlike my mother, I was extrememly nervous. Just something about the birds didn't set well with me. This one climbed up her arm and into her hair. It was lucky to find it's way out of there ;) Sorry Mom, I had to.
There is a new lion at the zoo this year. I'm not too sure what his name is but he was really pretty.
I caught him mid-yawn!
It has been years since I have seen a Rhino at our zoo. I'm not sure if they just got them again, but there were 2 of them there. I was able to get a close up of this big guy! He was pretty neat!
A few weeks before Gage was born, Michael took me to the zoo. This baby monkey had just been born and the zookeepers were there telling us all about him. He was tiny then, but he's getting close to his MaMa's size now. Funny how kids grow so quickly ;)
We got up close and personal with the giraffes this time.
Sadly to say, they really aren't that cute when you get this close.
One of my favorite animals at the zoo is the tiger. They are such beautiful creatures!
If only there were just a little sweeter!
Of all the animals at the zoo, Gage liked the Donkey the best. He fed him tons of Cheez-its and laughed every time. He is going to have to have one of these for sure. HA!
We had a great day at the Zoo, and we can't wait until the next time!
Thanks again for taking us, MeMe!

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