Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I went to my grandparents house yesterday to visit for a while. While I was there, I was told that I really needed to get back on the blogging bandwagon. I don't have many followers, but one follower that I do have is my Nana. She loves to see pictures of Gage and see what we've been up to around here. So, now that I've been "scolded", I'm going to do better...maybe!

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'm going to seperate it all into several posts. Hopefully I can get caught up and stay caught up ;)

Over the weekend, we went to visit my Dad at his new job. He is now taking care of a 2000 acre ranch about 1.5 hours from home. He has about 500 mama cows and almost as many babies. It is certainly a full time job for him. Although I hate the fact that my Dad is so far away, I know he loves his new job! This was the first time we had ever gone to visit and I could not believe my eyes. THE RANCH WAS AMAZING!
These frogs were sitting on a pond right beside his house. You could hear them croaking from forever away and they were HUGE! I have never seen frogs so big in all my life!
After we checked out the frogs, we headed off on 4-wheelers to check out the rest of the place. Gage had never been on a 4-wheeler before, but I think after this trip, we will have to get him one. He absolutely loved it! He sat in front of his Papaw and never made a peep!
There was a creek with the most crystal clear water flowing through it I have ever seen. It looked like it was coming straight from a faucet. This was a waterfall coming into the creek. How beautiful!
If you are a Mother, you know that I wasn't a big fan of crossing this creek with Gage. I knew my Dad would take good care of him, but I couldn't help but hold my breath as they crossed. This is Michael crossing ahead of them. Look how far the water came up on the 4-wheeler!
After our 2 hour ride around the entire ranch, we went back to Papaw's house to play with the rest of his "toys". Gage LOVED the John Deere tractor. He cried when we took him off of it! I guess he'll be needing one of those too, Papaw!
And, last but not least, we played with Rock! Rock is a dog that lives on the ranch with my Dad. He looks terribly mean and he has the biggest teeth I've ever seen. I thought for a second he was going to eat us, but it turned out, he was just smiling. I've never seen a dog smile, but this one does. Gage liked him too!
We had such a fun time at Papaw's house, and we all look forward to going back again soon!

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