Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show us your life...

It has been a while since I have been able to participate in Kelly's Show Us Your Life blog train, so I decided now was a good time to jump back on. This week is all about "children". When I was pregnant, I loved reading peoples blogs about their kids and the things they liked or disliked. Gage is 7 months old, and I still need lots of advice, so I'm really excited to join in on this one!

When Gage was a month or so old, we started using Dr.Brown's bottles to help with his reflux. Although, I DO think they helped with that, I DON't think they are AT ALL "user friendly". First of all, they leak like crazy. If they ever get turned over (even for a second) everything you own will be soaked in milk. Second of all, they are a pain to clean. Michael and I spent atleast 30 minutes per night washing a days worth of bottles. Third, they have 5 pieces to every bottle. They have a rubber insert that starts looking disgusting and has to be replaced regularly. Moral of the story...find another bottle! If your child has bad reflux, they may be worth a try, otherwise, not so much!

After trying every bottle out there, we finally tried the Playtex Ventaire. They are working great for us! Bye Bye Dr. Brown!!!!

One thing we used that we LOVED is the "sleep sack". They are wonderful! Babies aren't supposed to have blankets in their bed, but they still get cold. Gage hated to be swaddled so he slept in one of these every night. He LOVED them!

Kristi let us borrow her girls' Exersaucer when Gage stopped going to her house. That thing has saved the day several times and I highly suggest spending your hard-earned money on one! THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!

One last thing...Kelly asked about convertible carseats. I am so glad she did, because a couple weeks ago, I was asking the exact same questions. It seems like this is the biggest delimma for parents these days. It is such a hard decision for so many, so I really hope more people tell about the carseat they chose. We decided on the Evenflo Symphony for Gage. It has really great ratings, and looks to be so comfortable. It is perfect for forward or backward facing and Gage really seems to like it!!

Hopefully this helps with the "what to buy" and "what not to buy" questions you may have! I'm looking forward to reading about yours!!


Carrie said...

I'm definitely going to have to check that carseat out! I'm trying to decide on a convertible carseat now.

Teresa said...

We have the same carseat for Aidan, and guess what else, the same name for our other son, Gage. Don't you just love it. He is getting ready to be 13 years old.

Claire said...

What cute ideas! I love the sleepsack!