Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picture Post

This is really a random post, but I had a few pictures I wanted to share!

This is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen! He is so peaceful when he's in his swing!

Mom and I took Gage shopping Monday so we took a picture in his new shoes! They are so cute!

I am a far cry from a photographer, but I thought these were pretty sweet!

Here he is laying in bed with Daddy! He is very hot natured, so he loves having his shirt off!

He loves his play mat! This was his first experience!

Mom and I took him shopping last weekend when it was so pretty out! He was so good!

I'm pretty sure I have a little thumb-sucker on my hands! As bad as I hate it, he still looks so cute!

Wouldn't you like to pinch those cheeks?


The Sory's said...

You're pictures are so cute! You did a good job taking them. It might be that you also have a very cute subject.

Jenna said...

Anna, Gage is adorable! He's cheeks are so sweet! I'd love to see him sometime. Hope all is well with you guys!


Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

i told you to let that baby suck his fingers! glad he listened to me! and i love the pictures in his swing and in the basket. kiss him for me! actually i should just come love on him myself!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics... He is sooo ADORABLE Anna!!


Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Gage is getting so big! You look great, by the way. I love the pics with the blanket. You're so lucky to be able to leave him with a great friend.