Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gage's First Easter

Here is my sweet little family on Easter! If you are wondering why Michael's shirt is wet...that's because it poored rain ALL DAY! We had a really big day, and Gage was so good! We went to Church with my Mom on Sunday morning, then headed out to my Grandparents. We have a huge family on my Dad's side and it is always fun to be with everyone on the holidays. I just love visiting with all my cousins...they are all crazy about the new addition to the family by the way! My Mom and Stepdad joined us this year and I'm so glad they did! It seems strange to everyone that my parents are divorced and can still tolerate eachother, but they actually get along very well. I'm so thankful for their makes things so easy on me! After we went to Granny's we went to Michael's Moms house and had dinner there. Her mashed potatoes are FABULOUS, and of course, she made them!!!

Every year when the holidays come, Michael turns into a complete Scrooge because we have so many places to go and not enough time to make them all. I love all the hustle and bustle, but he HATES it! I usually dread waking up on holiday mornings, because I know he is going to get aggrivated. We always end up hurting someone's feelings because we don't stay long enough, or we just simply don't make it at all. This was the first holiday that we didn't have 4 places to be at one time...instead we only had 2! It was much better and we actually enjoyed the day! Hopefully we can figure out a way to make everyone happy now that we have a Grandbaby in tow. I know they would all appreciate it! Anyone have any ideas?

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