Friday, April 24, 2009

8 weeks

Today was the dreaded visit to the doctor for Gage's 2 month shots. All in all he did really well. He only cried for a second and it was all over. I was so proud of him! We took MeMe with us because I wasn't sure I could handle it, but it wasn't too bad. He weighs 12 lbs 15 oz (84%) and he is 24.5 inches long(95%)...BIG BOY!

This is Dr. Nolen checking him out! She said he looks "perfect"!

Here he is with his MeMe! Poor guy had no idea what was about to happen :(

He has been doing so well with his sleeping this week. He has slept for 7 hours two nights in a row!!! Even though he is sleeping great, I am not! It seems like I still wake up about every 3 hours to check on know, put my finger under his nose to see if he's breathing ;) We've all done it, huh? I thought I would never see the day that I would be so paranoid. I suppose that's what happens when those motherly instincts kick in! He has started taking 5 ounces of formula this week and he seems to be getting full, so hopefully we can stay there for a while. On the other hand, he has been drooling and spitting up like crazy! I don't know where in the world this came from! I sure hope he isn't cutting teeth already...if so, I will probably cry!

Here is Gage with his Bunny Rabbit today...I can't believe how fast the little guy is growing! While we were at the doctor we saw a baby that was 1 week old and he seemed so tiny. I remember when Gage was that age and people would say "I can't even remember mine being that small". I would smile and say "really?" but inside I was thinking "you can't remember...what do you mean you can't remember?". Now I really do forget! I can't remember Gage being that small either! SO SAD!!!

I realized when Michael came home today that he and Gage both had on green Polo's! I just had to have a picture...aren't they cute? I just LOVE those two!!

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Nowlan is my daughter Alyssa's Pedi. Don't you love her, she is the best. Alyssa had her 4 month on April 20 and she weighs 13.53 lbs and is 24 inches long.

Dr. Weed is my son Evan's Dr. He is 2 year olds.