Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post #2: Thanksgiving Day!!

This is my 25 week pic on Thanksgiving morning! I never realize how big I am getting until I see a picture. I still cannot complain at all about my pregnancy. I have been extremely lucky to have had no problems so far. The heartburn is getting worse by the day, and the sleepless nights aren't much fun, but if that is the worst, I can deal with it! Gage is still a wild child and for some reason I have a feeling that won't change. He gets that from his Daddy...haha!!

For those of you who are married, have divorced parents, or both...you know that the Holidays are always HECTIC!! Michael and I both have divorced parents, so we always have 4 places to go for every Holiday. The hustle and bustle has always been sort of fun to me, but it usually gets Michael in an uproar before we ever leave the house. I am a huge family person, and it is always fun to visit with everyone. This year we managed to go to everywhere we had planned and we even had enough time to stay and visit longer than 20 minutes! Here is a picture of us at his Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner!

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