Sunday, September 7, 2008

14 Weeks and Weird Cravings!

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, everyone has been asking the same ole' question...Any weird cravings? Up until this week, my answer every time has been, "Nope, not yet!" Well, from now on, I'll have a new answer! Everynight for the past week the usual conversation comes up about dinner, and the "I don't know, what do you want" is thrown out there. Nothing ever sounds good, there is never anything good to cook, just a huge mess every time we eat. All week I have been saying "How 'bout Subway?", and all week I have been shut down by "I hate Subway"! Just a neverending battle. Yesterday I was by myself, and I finally got what I have been wanting so bad...Subway! And by the way, it was WAY better than I thought it would be. Lastnight we went to a rodeo with some friends, and on the way home we stopped again, and today for lunch...again! I just can't get enough! Atleast it isn't something terribly fattening, huh?

On another note, a few posts back, I asked if any of the "Old Wives Tales" about finding out what you are having really worked. I never got any answers, but a friend of mine and I found out around the same time about our pregnancy. She is about 4 weeks ahead of me, but we both had lots of time before we could find out. I had been told, that if you take a needle and thread and hold it still over your belly, you could tell what you are having. If the needle swings back and forth its a boy, and if it swings in a circle its a girl! Well, both of our mothers did this test on us and for both of them, the outcome was the same. Back and forth for her, and in a circle for me! We never really knew if the test was true, and we still don't. But, Paige went to the doctor last week, and found out that she is having a BOY!!! Does this mean I'm really having a girl? I'm keeping my fingers crossed everyday for the next 4 weeks until I find out. I just can't hardly wait! I'll be getting back with you in a few weeks on the results!! Talk to you soon!


Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

okay your blog looks so cute and a while back i had the same background as you and was trying to do that header and i couldnt figure it out... did you use to create it?

i cant wait to see what pnut is! im so excited! by the way-- i love subway!

Amber said...

Yeah!! I love having new friends on here!! Love the blog!