Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pensacola, FL...Day 1

Last Tuesday night, we started the much-anticipated trip to Pensacola, FL! Michael's Dad and Stepmom invited us to go with them for the week, along with his sister and her family. We couldn't wait to get there, but we weren't too sure about traveling with a 19 month old. We decided it would be better to drive at night and worry about sleep later, so we did. Gage did really well on the way there and only woke up a few times. We finally made it there at around 5 in the morning on Wednesday and were able to get a couple hours sleep in before he woke up for the day. This was his first time to see the beach or the hotel swimming pool, and he said "iss-tha-water" about a thousand times!

He loves the water and he loves to play in the dirt, so there was no doubt in my mind he would love the beach! Here are those tiny toes in the sand for the first time! He loved it!!
Daddy finally took him to the water, but he wasn't too sure about it! I think it was just a little cool for him!

No more time for now, but I'll be back later to finish up our first day!

To be continued...

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