Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 2...Pensacola, Fl

By the morning of the second day, the rest of the family had made it and we were all in Pensacola. The kids couldn't wait to go to the beach, so around 9am we headed out there. The weather was beautiful...the perfect day for the beach! The little boys played with their sand toys and the big kids built a sand castle...
Perhaps they get their sand castle building skills from their Uncle Michael ;)
Gage threw more sand and got a little taste of it, too!
Big Daddy buried his legs and he thought that was pretty neat! Actually, he thinks everything Big Daddy does is pretty neat! 
This picture cracks me up every time I see it. Tammy (Michael's Sister) was trying to get Colson to sleep and I looked over to see this. The wind was blowing something terrible and it had blown her umbrella inside out...she had no idea! 
To end the morning with a bang, Michael took Gage swimming in the ocean for the first time. He loved splashing around, but the taste of the water...not so much! 
Late that evening we took the older kids crab hunting. I didn't have a big enough flash, so there are no pictures of that, but we did get these! Some of my favorite ones of the entire week...
 I hope you enjoyed a small recap of our 2nd day at the beach! Check back later for Day 3!!


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