Monday, August 9, 2010

Several weeks ago, we got a call with some devastating news. Michael's Mom called to tell us that his step-dad had cancer. Of course, when we heard the news, we never guessed that a few short weeks later we would be saying "good-bye" to him forever.

Unfortunatly, Grandpa Louis passed away this weekend. He was such a sweet man. He was very gentle, very loving, and always had a hug waiting on us when we saw him.
We spent the majority of the weekend with Michael's family. Although it wasn't the "ideal situation" for the family being together, it was nice to see everyone and visit. I think the kids ate about 100 popsicles and I couldn't help but take some pictures of them.

Michael's Mom has a long road ahead of her, dealing with the loss of her husband. Please keep her and the rest of the family in your prayers!
Until next time, I'll leave you with a picture of one handsome little man!

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