Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new found LOVE!

Never in my life have I ever been known as a "tightwad" as my mother would call it. As a matter of fact, I get myself into trouble quite a bit because I find something I want, and I HAVE TO HAVE IT and I get it! This would be the reason that my unborn son has more clothes than his Mommy or Daddy! I'm not good about thinking about things before I buy them, definitly an impulse buyer, and most of the time I have buyers remorse like you wouldn't believe! You'd think I would learn my lesson. Another thing I AM NOT, is a morning person. I don't go into work until 10 for a reason...because I would have zero clients. I'm typically pretty cranky in the mornings, and not fun to be around. Well, today was my second day to try the Walgreens Game, and I got lots of much needed items for only a little money. But to make it even better, I woke up at 7:30AM so that I could go to the store and get a Sunday paper to get the Walgreens ad and coupons out of it! I couldn't wait to see what the deals of the week would be. I even went to McDonalds and got my sweet little husband a surprise breakfast! Neither of us ever dreamed I would be up in time to get McDonalds breakfast! Anyway, back to Walgreens, these were my deals for the week!

(1) Venus Embrace Razor $3.49
(1) Comet Bathroom Cleaner $.59
(2) Excedrin Gelcaps $.49
(2) Right Guard Mens Deoderant $2.79
(2) Colgate Total Toothpaste $1.98
(1) Walgreens Antacid $2.99
(1) Tylenol Allergy $3.99
(1) Tylenol Sinus $3.99
(1) Tylenol Cold $4.99
I used a $3 RR from last week, several coupons, and recieved $11 in RR today. I spent $20.38 on everything you see! That is a total savings of $43.88!!! If nothing else, our medicine cabinet is stocked...ha!

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Mizell Family said...

ok so I'm out of the loop.. what's this Wal-Greens game? I need details!! I got soo many compliments on my hair the wedding weekend!! I always tell people where to find you!! You're the best!!