Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Can you believe it? We had the ultrasound yesterday and everything about him is perfect! I was completely shocked when the nurse told us the news, but I am excited! He was so active (compliments of the Coke and Chocolate Chip Cookie I ate before I went) and was kicking like crazy. I still have only actually felt him kick a few times, but it was obvious that he was yesterday. My Mom and Grandmother and Michael's Mom and Grandmother went with us, and we were all mesmerized!!! I just can't wait to meet him in real life...I just know he'll be precious, just like his Daddy!

I went to the mall today and bought him several new outfits, so he shouldn't ever have to go naked...ha!! I have to admit I went a little crazy.

Blogger won't let me post the pics, but when it does, I will definitely introduce everyone to our little Angel!


Mizell Family said...

YAYAYAYYAYAA!!! Sooo excited for you guys!! I can't wait to hear names and see all the cute outfits!

Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

i am ready to hear names! i cant wait to see all the pics, i bet it was amazing!

Amber said...

aahhhhhh!! congratulations!! I am so excited for you!! They always say a mom's bond with her son is like no other!! It must be because my brother is spoiled rotten by my mom!!! I can't wait to start looking for precious little boy things!!!!!!