Monday, October 27, 2008

It's finally here!

It has only been a little over a week, but it seems like an eternity since we ordered Gage's bed and dresser! The bed came in today and we eventually got it put together. The dresser on the other hand, did not. Hopefully it will be in by the end of the week. We had a few minor problems out of the lovely folks at BABIES R US, but we managed to get things worked out. Here are a few pics of Baby Gage's new room! Tell me what you think!

This is MeMe and Pawpaw trying to put the crib together, but some of parts were missing...Imagine that! I had to make another trip to Little Rock to exchange one of the pieces before the crib could be finished!

Daddy trying to finish getting the crib together by himself...I don't think I was much help. I'm not too much of a handy man...ha!

Here I am trying to get the bedding just perfect for my little angel! I wouldn't want him to have to sleep in a messy bed!

This is a close up of the bedding! I just love it!

And this is the finished product! It turned out perfect and I am so happy with it! I can't wait until Gage gets here so I can spend lots more time in his sweet little room! By the way...Thanks Grams for the new crib!

I know this probably looks like a mess now, but I still have work to do. My aunt gave me the rocker, and I am going to paint it and recover the cushions. The little wicker stand has to be painted as well. Eventually I will have it all finished and post new pics!

21 Weeks! I haven't been doing very well on posting new preggo pics, but I am working on it! I am 21 weeks and 3 days now, and feeling better than ever! Gage has been kicking like crazy and I believe he gets the hiccups about 3 time a day...usually in the middle of the night! It is so funny how different things feel from week to week. I'm getting bigger by the minute, so apparently he is too! We still have 3 more weeks until our next ultrasound, but I am interested to see just how much he has grown!


The Allens said...

I love the bedding! We are at the same stage in pregnancy, but you are MUCH further along with decorating!

Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

His bed is so pretty!! I love the color y'all picked for his walls! I can't wait till he makes his arrival!

Jennifer said...

The nursery is looking good! I love the brown with the turquoise walls. You're looking super cute as well!

Laura Ann said...

I can not wait to see the finished product. I love your bedding and those walls.