Friday, September 23, 2011

Emerson Kate Williams

Ok, so I've come to realize that my days of blogging every day are probably about over. I am always busy lately and when I have time to sit down at the computer, I don't actually have time to blog. Maybe an iPad would come in handy here ;) Anyway, last time I blogged I was 14 weeks pregnant and still very nervous about the next few weeks. Back in the Winter, I lost a baby at 12 weeks, so at 14 weeks I still wasn't in the clear.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant with a sweet little GIRL!!! So far everything is going well and the pregnancy has been great! I was very nauseous the first few weeks but never sick...THANK GOODNESS! I am not a good patient ;) I am feeling great now and looking forward to the next 16 weeks passing by QUICKLY!! I'm so excited for the Holidays to come. This time of year always seems to fly by for me!

Gage is beyond excited about having a "stister"! He talks about her often and asks about her every single day! I think he will be such a great big brother!

I would like to introduce to you...Emerson Kate Williams!!!
I have a scheduled c-section date for Jan. 11, 2012 and I can't wait to meet her!!

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Jessica said...

What a sweet, perfect name! : ) So happy for you and praying for the kind of peace only God can give. : )