Sunday, August 3, 2008

About Us

Hello! Welcome to our page! Here are a few things about us just to get started! My name is Anna and I am a hairdresser. I have been in the feild for about 4 years and it is soo much fun! My husband, Michael, is an electrician and has been for about 10 years. We have 2 of the sweetest little dogs you will ever see...Roper and Tubby! Enough of the boring about me's...let's get to the fun stuff!

Michael and I dated for about a year and a half, and had so much fun! He plays softball most weekends, so that year and a half seemed like they flew by. On December 15th, 2007, he asked me to marry him. This was the absolute "best day of my life" (so far)! I'm sure you can tell by now...I said YES!!!

We started planning the wedding, and as if that wasn't enough, we also started building our first house together. Needless to say, the next 6 months were CRAZY!! We set the date for May 17th, and planned on our new house being finished by then as well. We just knew that our life would be back to normal in just a few short...6 months. May 17th finally rolled around, and we had the absolute most perfect Wedding Day ever. We had over 250 guests, the weather was PERFECT, and the reception...couldn't have been more of a blast!!!! That day then became the "best day of my life"!

By now, we were suppose to have been moved into the new house, but instead, we still had about 6 more weeks of HARD work! I was beginning to think it would never be finished! We finally got it all done, and on July 1st, I finally started packing. If you have ever had to pack, you know that this was not a fun time! To make this "not so fun time" even more "not so fun", we found out on July 3rd, I'm pregnant! So...we started our move the next day (or atleast Michael did), and eventually got everything all in one place again. I'm sure you can tell by now, our CRAZY 6 months had turned into 8...I mean...nine more...really quickly!

We scheduled our first doctors appt. as quick as possible, but it seemed like it would never get here. For the next four weeks I had many sleepless nights, and lots of tears were shed. I couldn't have been more thrilled about the baby but, so many things ran through my head. I guess you would call that just simply being a "worry wart"! We made it through those four weeks, and to our doctors appt. Everything went great, and we got to see that sweet little heartbeat!!! Maybe this was now the "best day of our lives"!

As of now, I am 9 weeks preggo, and looking forward to the next 31 weeks! I can't wait to see that sweet little face of our sweet little Angel! I'll be keeping you posted, so come back and see us!!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog!

The Kindys said...

yay! you made a blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your story! Blogging becomes addictive. :)