Friday, January 11, 2019

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Pandora is a music experience that plays what you love, and evolves with you. Discover the power of thumbs, find what you love, and replay your favorite songs. |
Pandora is a music experience that plays what you love and evolves with you.
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The power of thumbs.
Personalizing your listening experience has never been easier. Thumb up for what you like and thumb down for what you don't.
The power of thumbs
Find what you love.
If you’re not feeling a song, skip to the next track.
Find what you love.
Loving a song?
Tap the button to hear it again.
Loving a song?
Certain limitations may apply. Learn more about skips and replays.
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Take your listening even further
Pandora Premium Pandora Plus
Whether you’re looking to play any song on demand or
an ad-free radio experience, we’ve got you covered.
Try Pandora Premium or Pandora Plus today.
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